• budget & taxes

    As Chair of the Senate Budget & Taxation committee, Ed Kasemeyer understands the budget and has been a leader in reducing the budget over this term. During his current term, Ed has led the State in cutting over $5.5 billion from the state budget and reducing unnecessary spending whenever possible. Ed Kasemeyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve consensus and make the difficult decisions necessary to pass a balanced budget. Indeed, under his leadership, the budget for Fiscal Year 2011 was less than the budget for Fiscal Year 2007, when this term began. It is the first time in over 40 years that this has happened and Ed led the way to fiscal responsibility.

    Ed Kasemeyer understands the impact of taxes on business and he has consistently fought to make Maryland better for business. Most notably, in 2008, Ed stood up for the growing computer service industry and voted to repeal a tax that would have been imposed on this industry alone. Ed knows the conditions needed to foster job creation and will continue to fight for the business-friendly climate that Maryland needs.

  • education

    As a father of a current public school student, Ed Kasemeyer knows that we must have the best public schools to ensure that our children succeed. It’s why he has fought for unprecedented investment in Maryland’s K-12 education which has led to Maryland schools being ranked best in the nation two years in a row by Education Week. In addition, Ed has a been a strong supporter of school construction projects in Baltimore and Howard counties to make sure that our children are learning in safe and modern classrooms. Finally, Ed understands that investing in public education doesn’t just end with giving funds to schools which is why he has consistently voted for measures to hold school bureaucracy accountable for the funds they are provided.

    Ed knows that education no longer stops at high school, which is why he has led the fight for an affordable and accessible higher education system. He supported freezing tuition at our Public Universities such as UMBC to ensure that college is open to all. In addition, Ed has been a leader in helping to make our community colleges more affordable. In 2009 alone Community College enrollments grew by almost 10% and Ed is committed to making sure the resources are available to help all Maryland students get a proper education.

  • public safety

    As a member of Senate Leadership, Ed Kasemeyer knows that protecting our families must be a top priority of the General Assembly. Senator Kasemeyer knows that we must be tough on sexual offenders which is why he is a long time supporter of the Maryland Sex Offender registry, and over his term has supported strengthening that registry, requiring lifetime supervision for offenders, sharing information with other states and prohibiting “good time” credits for sex offenders. In addition, Ed voted against a full repeal of the death penalty in 2009 and is part of a bipartisan coalition of legislators who are working to expand prosecutor’s tools in seeking the death penalty.

  • other issues

    Every legislative session, thousands of bills are introduced in the General Assembly. As your State Senator, I am very careful as to what I sponsor and co-sponsor to avoid wasting valuable time and taxpayer funds and only sponsor and co-sponsor legislation I truly believe in. Please click here to see what legislation I have sponsored and co-sponsored this term